Jenne Rayburn

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  • About This Artist

    Jenne Rayburn is a goldsmith, enamelist and designer who grew up in the farming country of southeastern Washington State, studied architecture and loves literature and travel. History and tradition, vernacular design and indigenous peoples inspire Jenne's vitreous enamel and metalwork. She is fascinated with myths and folklore that recount heroic adventures and connect us to a larger purpose, and believes that the arts and crafts of our world are critical to the development of creative societies

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work combines drawing, painting, texturing and patterning in a process of fusing thin coats of specially prepared ground glass to three dimensionally formed metal in a kiln, using high, controlled heat. I primarily use steel and copper because I like the gritty, naturalistic quality of these oxidized metals combined with the luminosity and layered transparency of glass. My process involves constant sketching and idea generation to hone my ideas, but when I start to fabricate I leave plenty of room for serendipity. More than anything, I want to have a good time making my work.

    A: I love the luminosity of glass and I love color. However I would say that my personal artistic journey has been very narrow and consistent over the years, inspired by very specific things like the landscapes and ancient petroglyphs near where I grew up in Washington State, and by native American and indigenous ceramics and textiles. The ideas motivate me as much as the medium. I have also worked in fiber, clay and wood, and all have been really satisfying - but then I always come back to the luminosity of glass which has a mystical quality I really like.

    A: I have a create-on-demand job. It can be a difficult job, showing up everyday knowing you have to create something. I love the quote from Cooked by Michael Pollan, "When chopping onions, just chop onions". Which means, embrace what is and be in the moment. I am responsible for how I live my life, the choices I make, my contributions, and how I choose to see things. I believe that the arts and crafts of our world are critical to the development of creative societies and I want to fuel the momentum of craft in my community, and be an ambassador for making. But in the day-to-day of being a craftsperson, I choose to be empowered by the power I have to live and that inspires me to be content with the life I have. That in turn makes it possible to show up every day and create craft.

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