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    I've been sculpting glass with torches since 1998, and lasercutting textiles since 2009, having studied glass at RISD and digital fabrication through MIT. I've shown my work and taught all over the world, and I strongly believe that color is the easiest and most accessible way to make life more interesting and beautiful. I make things that decorate bodies and spaces. I hope they function as doorways to interaction and friendship, to bridge the gaps and break through the walls between us.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use glass, textiles, and metals in my work. Some of them are vintage or up-cycled, but not all. One of the many reasons it's really wonderful to live in Providence is how our industrial history of textile and costume jewelry factories continues to inform what supplies are readily available here. We have multiple mill- based businesses where vintage textiles, yarn, glass rods, jewelry findings, and other supplies can be purchased by the pound. I mostly sculpt glass rods by hand in a torch flame. I make pom poms by hand, lasercut and hand sew textiles, and forge metals.

    A: My work with glass treats it like a frozen three- dimensional paint. I love restoring it to its liquid state, and playing with its viscosity to sculpt fluid forms in interesting color relationships. I love making small- scale wearable sculptures because the quickest way to try to communicate with other people is by adorning ourselves with cultural signifiers. I know that my jewelry has been and continues to act as an impetus for communication between strangers. Ignitions are sparked when we take risks like wearing something unusual or talking with people unfamiliar to us. I want to see things I've never seen before, and I strive to make work that satisfies this wish.

    A: Books and art magazines! I'm so thankful to have built such a rich collection of printed matter over the years, and I subscribed to a lot of new magazines during the pandemic because I hope to help them continue to exist! I miss exploring museums so much, and sometimes I get to read beautiful objects by visiting antique shops. I keep my energy up with a lot of one- person dance parties, mostly to cassette tapes in my studio and vinyl records in my kitchen.

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