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  • About This Artist

    More and more I believe the practice of art and craft is a way of staving off the harsher realities of life, of making sense of life by observing and then constructing or reinterpreting the world. In this way, the artist hands over a fresh language, invites dialog and creates connections. I translate the often banal things that capture my attention into a form to wear that sometimes surprises even me. Process, and experimenting with different materials is as important as the end result.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work has evolved over the last several years to include a variety of materials. I started with sterling silver and later added vitreous enamel on copper. I had an opportunity at a week-long artist collaboration in 2018 to use some wood working equipment and began creating wood assemblage pieces that included silver and enamel. More recently I started working with polymer clay, which I was drawn to for it's soft and malleable texture. As an avid cook and also pasta maker, I wanted the same tactile feeling I get from cooking in my jewelry making. For me, much of making jewelry is really about the process of exploring my own aesthetic, examining where it comes from and why I make what I make. The sensory experience of working with any material keeps me grounded. Every material behaves and even smells differently. This exploration keeps me humble and in the beginner's mind. I often wish I were motivated to be an expert in a single material!

    A: I feel like I've only scratched the surface of any of the materials I've worked with. Like anything, you can work a lifetime at it and still learn something new. Very recently, I've been focusing a bit more on polymer clay. I think the pandemic has pulled me to this more comforting and quiet medium. In a way, polymer clay is like molding 3-dimensional paint. The possibilities are really endless. It's also lightweight, forgiving and can easily be combined with other materials. Lately, I've been playing with typography and image transfer on polymer clay. As a graphic designer, I have longed to incorporate typography in my jewelry and I'm excited about this new direction.

    A: Taking long walks and taking photos along the way. Being able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary has paid off during the pandemic. A weekly writing group, virtual workshops, my co-op gallery mates, gardening.

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