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  • About This Artist

    Evy Rogers and Joe Jacob are collaborating artists. They create art clocks, tables, and functional art accessories that mix figured woods with paintings etched in metal. Evy paints art on aluminum with acid resistant paint and Joe takes the painted metal to his shop where he acid etches it and incorporates it into the wood. Evy has a Masters Degree in art from Penn State University. Joe has a degree from The North Bennett School of Boston. Our art is our legacy and the footprint we leave.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: We have searched for and chosen expressive hardwoods for each individual project. Our hardwoods are skillfully crafted using traditional woodworking techniques and finishes. The hardwoods glow under their hand rubbed oil finishes. The metal artwork is created using heavy gauge aluminum. The aluminum art is painted with an acid resistant paint and then submerged into a bath of acid where the unpainted background is etched away.

    A: Each piece of our wood tells a story. We look for wood that has signs of the life it has lived. We combine the wood with etched metal and the wood takes on a new life with a new story to tell.

    A: Our work is unique because we have developed our own method for creating the metal art which is incorporated with interesting woods. We have never seen another combination like ours.

    A: Frank Lloyd Wright and his home of Falling Waters has given us inspiration. Falling Waters is near our studios. Frank Lloyd Wright had the same passion for the wood from our region.

    A: The crafts we leave behind become the legacy of our culture for future generations.

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