Independent Ironware

Independent Ironware

About The Artist

Paul Angiolillo • Jackson, WY

Hello, my name is Paul. I run Independent Ironware, a blacksmith shop specializing in making highly functional carbon steel cookware. Each piece is artisan made by hand and is built to last. Each piece is solely made by me. I have always found value in goods that have a long lasting purpose, that you only have to buy once, and will outlive you. And those are just some of the elements that I strive for in my cookware.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

Everything I make is by a hand made process using traditional blacksmith techniques. Nothing in my shop is made by a machine, I have to operate every tool with precision and skill. The most common three tools I utilize the most making my cookware is the fire, hammer, and anvil.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

It's the challenge. Being a blacksmith is a trade that cannot be bought, you cant fake it, and you definitely cant buy all the tools one day and make something well. It is a hard earned skill built through time and perseverance, and a lot of sore muscles. What ignites the passion is knowing how hard you have worked to gain those skills and knowledge and constantly trying to take those skills to the next level. And I get to relive that journey with everything that I make.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

What a gift this journey has been. I started out wanting to take some of my skills and make something that I and maybe others could relate to and be of the highest quality. What I did not expect was the impact it would have the people who have purchased my cookware or myself. When someone tells me about how much use and joy their cookware brings to them, it is incredible. All the sudden this object akin to a zipper has all this meaning and function helping others nourish and bring joy to their friends and family. Knowing that it is going to last them a heck of a long time is cool. And oddly enough that has given my life purpose. I am so ever grateful.