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  • About This Artist

    We aim for a formal clarity. We use simple, graphic shapes, at times solid & smooth or broken into organized, open structures. Our international lives & background in European design have greatly influenced the style & approach to our work. We are fascinated by the process of architectural evolution in the many big cities we have lived & worked in; the juxtaposition of the ultra-modern upon the old & ancient, a fusion of styles that is the essence of our work. A reflection of where we have lived.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: We use traditional materials and techniques to create pieces that have been described as architectural; hollow mounted contemporary, geometric jewelry with single & repeat shapes. Our ring set system has multiple options & interchangeable combinations that can be worn in numerous ways. We are all about design, so there are diamonds & high carat gold, or a piece is gold-plated, whatever best reflects the effect we are trying to achieve in a particular piece.

    A: Jewelry is a universal language of symbols which communicates at an archaic level. How exciting it is to have people stop & be fascinated by & tune into the language of our jewelry.

    A: Rings that appear as small sculptures but pull apart to create a fascinating stack of rings with endless options and numerous combination possibilities.

    A: There is constant inspiration in a million things, nothing specific but a general vacuuming up of ideas that feeds a disciplined thread of creativity & innovation.

    A: We have lived & worked in many countries and always found a way to communicate through our work. Jewelry is a natural symbolic language which communicates at an archaic level & conveys a message which goes beyond the purely functional. If you push some boundaries, however small, it usually elicits conversation & sometimes inspiration.

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