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    Using a common material, aluminum, we make uncommon work. We make art jewelry that is affordable and lightweight. Our goal is to give pleasure and confidence to the wearer, expanding the idea of what is wearable, enhancing their image, stretching their imagination and supporting their independent spirit. We texture our metal then anodize in 18 colors. We hand cut each piece individually and assemble with handmade rivets. The myriad color combinations open an endless language of color and design.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Our major material is domestically produced mill finish aluminum that we texture and then anodize. It gives a hard durable finish that can be made in an infinite variety of colors. We do all the texturing, cutting, shaping, finishing and assembly by hand in our studio. All pieces are assembled using cold connections, rivets (hand made in our studio), bolts or glue. We also use an eclectic collection of found objects, from ping pong balls to Monopoly houses to plastic figures. Tin cans and wood cut-offs from a local furniture factory find their way into our work, inspiring other, new design avenues. Our collection of old, mostly hand-powered tools, many not made for delicate jewelry work, also inspires the way we work with our material.

    A: Aluminum is the most common metal in the earth’s crust. Yet it was not available until the mid-1800s. At first it was a precious metal. Now it is ubiquitous and used in every industry. It is the third most common element in the earth’s crust. Our challenge is to make extraordinary work from such a common material. The light weight of the metal makes it perfect for jewelry in various sizes; the brilliant, non-scratch finish we attain, along with the anodized colors, offer us a limitless range of combinations. For our mobiles, large and small, its weightless mechanics respond immediately with air currents. These aspects inspire us to continually explore the limits of design. We like to use refuse or tossed away items and materials for inspiration and inclusion. The challenge of looking again at the value of any material, whether new or tossed as garbage, is what inspires us into new design avenues. Everything has value—it’s how it’s used, displayed and presented.

    A: We enjoy what we do. We like to work together (have been for 45 years). We work together all the time. As we create, new ideas form and we feel the need to explore them. Sometimes it’s politics, sometimes it’s function, sometimes it’s materials, sometimes it’s fantasy dreaming—then doing. We have customers who make suggestions or place orders, which we’ll also pursue. Creating together, ideas bounce back and forth growing to more exploration, We are not limited to our current materials. There in no end to this creative process for us, except available time.

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