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    Homebody Textiles is a sister-run studio bringing you naturally dyed and hand-printed textiles. Our pieces are everyday celebrations—of creative minds, our vibrant natural world, and the magic they spark when they work in concert. Each one starts as blank cloth and pencil sketches, transformed one step at a time by our four hands. The results bring together a modern aesthetic with centuries-old dyes and printing techniques for pieces that are timeless and fresh, intentional and unexpected.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Our textiles start off white, and our patterns start as sketches. Once we’ve refined their balance and scale, we transfer our designs to mesh screens. We print each piece by hand with thickened mordants, often aligning two or more pattern layers to build up movement. Later, in the dye bath, the textiles take on a rich range of natural shades. It’s a complex process steeped in care and collaboration—and we hope those qualities reflect back on the people who so generously give our work a home.

    A: Our textiles embrace a lush and varied rainbow thanks to our palette of natural dyes. We use centuries-old dyes like madder and indigo and give them a modern spin through our precise and playful patterns. Natural dyes tend to be more complex, more time intensive, more unpredictable, and more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. But the connections they lend our work—to our living world, to an ancient tradition of craft, and to the values at the heart of our studio—are invaluable.

    A: We design as a team, passing pattern ideas back and forth and slowly coaxing them to life. What might start as one of our rough pencil sketches becomes a cohesive pattern in the other’s hands and a finished design through both of our fine tunings. We lend our individual strengths to the work—Emily’s bold exuberance and Sarah’s keen attention to balance and rhythm—and the patterns that result are altogether richer, fuller, and more interesting than either of us would arrive at on our own.

    A: We find inspiration in the shapes and textures that surround us. A coil of rope may catch our eye, or the veined patterns on the underside of a leaf, or the repetitive geometry of a leaded glass window. We take joy in transforming these everyday patterns into something inviting and relatable, but with an unexpected edge. You’ll know your Homebody pieces by their playful details and intentional asymmetries!

    A: The longer we work with natural dyes, the more we develop a kinship with the natural world around us, a sense that the flowers and fruiting bushes we live amongst have layered secrets to offer up. The mullein proliferating on the side of the highway is not a weed but a source of yellow dye; the scraggly sumacs are not trees but strong concentrations of tannins. We notice more, and we appreciate more, too.

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