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    I’m Hollie Chastain, a paperphile artist and illustrator working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Coming from both a graphic design and studio art background, my work has a story-telling quality, mixing found material, strong graphic elements and modern palettes. Texture plays an important role to me so my illustration process, like my studio work, starts with an analogue foundation. I’m deeply inspired by folklore, music and the unknown and have a passion for folk art and self-taught artists.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My love for all things paper, especially ephemera, let me to begin exploring collage in 2007. I fell in love with it and it's been my process of choice since. I use primarily found material and maintain a consistent palette through adding in hand painted papers.

    A: There is a history to found material that it brings along with it to the piece. I work a lot with vintage school books and the scribbles, names, and spilled ink contribute to the composition before anything else. The paper that I use very often guides the entire collage.

    A: With everything that collage and mixed media has to offer, my work has remained distinct through my minimal playful approach and use of color blocked elements. I am an illustrator at heart so a snapshot of a story is more often than not portrayed in my works.

    A: There are too many to name but in general my love of reading and storytelling, specifically folk tales, has definitely shaped my creative life. I love any oddball story, the weirder the better.

    A: Mixed media is great because it doesn't take a large investment to get started. Someone with no artistic background can start a collage sketchbook with just a few items and only a love of color and shape. It feels inclusive. Then when I started adding paper weaving into my own practice that feeling of community grew when I was I was seeking advice and patterns from basket makers and textile artists. Sharing ideas and learning together and from each other is what makes the craft community great.

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