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    We are a husband-and-wife team known for our complex construction and precise finishing of our art glass. In our new Monad Series, we create, then compose with hundreds of component pieces. Technical glass-working and artistic composition skills are equally important to achieve our desired result of visually interesting and structurally balanced vessels which while functional, are equally at home as sculptural pieces, bringing joy and personality to increasingly practical home and work spaces.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Our process begins with the procuring of tested compatible clear and colored glasses for kiln work manufactured by Bullseye Glass Company of Portland Oregon. By cutting and manipulating the glass, we create hundreds of component pieces comprised of multiple layers of transparent and opaque glass. We then compose with these component pieces, drawing out the relationships of line, form, and color. Once formed, each piece is extensively coldworked -- shaped, ground, sandblasted and polished to enhance the visual impact and feel. Our technical glass-working skills and our artistic composition skills are equally important to achieve our desired result of vessels with a strong sense of design, which while definitely functional, are equally at home as sculptural pieces.

    A: Our passion is fueled by the challenges of working within the constraints of kiln glass. We find ourselves asking “I wonder if we could” as we explore new, even more intricate designs and tackle the accompanying technical complexities. Adding fuel to our passion are responses to our work which frequently include the comment “I have never seen kiln art glass like this before – I have no idea how you did that”.

    A: The pandemic focused people on the importance of their home and working environments being spaces which center them, providing the desired mix of energy and tranquility. It is through art, often fine craft, that the optimal vibe can emerge. Having our work chosen to enhance the ambiance of such personal spaces is energizing.

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