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  • About This Artist

    “Settling in at my bench and picking up my favorite antique files is as natural and reflexive as breathing. There's something comforting about the feel of my favorite tools in hand and being able to turn a sheet of precious metal or length of wire into a piece of jewelry that will be treasured and worn on a regular basis.” Based in Providence Rhode Island, Heather works with a small studio team to hand fabricate fine modernist inspired jewelry using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: We use a combination of hand fabrication and lost wax casting to make our pieces, and our tools are the same tools jewelers have used for hundreds of years: hammers, simple torches, and steel forms...with the exception of a pulse arc welder, which allows us to make some complex connections that wouldn't be possible otherwise!

    A: I love starting with the same materials and tools each day and seeing where it takes me...seeing how my shapes and forms change over time as I develop new finishes and play with scale and dimension. I also love working with my clients to develop new designs that end up being their go-to pieces that are worn almost everyday. It's a privilege and an inspiration.

    A: We use a fair amount of cast shapes in certain collections, but they are always meticulously refined and finished in their final state. Each collection has an established vocabulary, and using waxes and cast shapes allows me to develop new designs quickly by using existing pieces as reference.

    A: I am inspired by walking around and looking at architecture to see how light interacts with the shapes and forms of various buildings to produce shadows and highlights. I also find inspiration in modernist design of all kinds: ceramics, furniture, and yes - jewelry!

    A: The studio is located in Providence, RI - the former jewelry manufacturing headquarters of the US. Since establishing the studio in 2006, it's been a pleasure developing relationships with the numerous jewelry industry suppliers that are typically small, family run operations that are still here after all of these years. It's also a delight to teach at local arts organizations and colleges to hopefully pass my knowledge and experience along to the next generation of metalsmiths and jewelers.

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