Handpicked by the Columbia Museum of Art

Modern Treehugger
Being sustainable doesn't mean wearing hemp sackcloth as penance for your sainthood. With this collection, you can have all the charm of a midcentury movie star and still lead an eco-friendly life. Danish modern enthusiasts of the 1950s preferred the hominess of softer shapes and natural materials such as ceramic, wood, and textile weaving. Similarly, with this Modern Treehugger collection you can indulge in biomorphic and abstract forms, upcycled fabrics, and serve yummy salad (bought at a farmer’s market with a great reusable tote bag) with utensils carved from reclaimed wood. You can also hold a gorgeous 1950s recycled fabric clutch bag in one hand and a martini with atomic drink stirrer in the other. Your home will be decadently simple with a natural fabric pillow whose hazy beauty resembles a Mark Rothko painting. Drink from a ceramic mug inspired by Jackson Pollock's drips or indulge in a Bauhaus-inspired geometrically woven fabric. These pieces are meant to last and become future heirlooms. 


About Columbia Museum of Art
Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, South Carolina, the Columbia Museum of Art ranks among the leading art institutions in the country and is distinguished by its innovative exhibitions and creative educational programs. At the heart of the CMA and its programs is its collection, which encompasses 7,000 works and spans 5,000 years of art history. In order to serve more audiences, the CMA underwent a transformation between 2017 and 2019. Funded by a successful capital campaign, the two-year renovation project garnered new collection galleries with a progressive thematic layout, new studios for artmaking, cutting-edge program and event spaces, and an entrance on Main Street. Overall, more than 15,000 square feet of functional space were added to the building’s existing footprint. To learn more, visit columbiamuseum.org