Handpicked by Grace Whiteside of Sticky Glass

Oriented Creatures

I am constantly thinking about alternative functions within an object’s integrity. Objects have the power to reorient our bodies, forcing us to consider new perspectives that potentially influence how we interact with one another and the frequency of the world.

Grant Akiyama’s “Blue Cylinder” is a delightfully comical reconsideration of what a vessel’s job title might entail, giving authorship to the object which forces us to redistribute our preconceived ideas of what a vessel is or isn’t; while Carolina Gomes’s “Splash Beings” kindly ask the body to become a stage for wonder and extraterrestrial play. I am interested in the organic tenderness within these pieces, as seen through color, texture, function or title. It illuminates the urgency of preserving organic matter on earth as well as the desire to seek life outside of our suffocating planet.

I selected work based on instinct, texture invitations, and unusual form compositions. I appreciate when artists are not afraid to consider the strangeness of the world as well as their own peculiarities of being human.


About Sticky Glass

Brooklyn, New York
Sticky Glass is an NY-based design company developed by Grace Whiteside that specializes in multi-functional performative glassware. Sticky’s forms pull from the natural behavior of glass in its fluid state, reflecting the queerness of the material. Each object aims to cultivate an elevated experience, taking the mundane out of eating and drinking. Their absurd compositions pull inspiration from worm emojis to Dr. Suess illustrations. Sticky is not just a design company but a family of femme, trans and POC, folks just tryin to queer some glass and do good along the way by maintaining ethical business practices and donations.