Handpicked by Fireweed Community Woodshop

Black and White….& Neon all over!

It was so hard to select from this beautiful array of artists, but we leaned into what we know— WOODWORKING, and what we love—neutrals and neon!

As winter approaches, a splash of color is essential. Many of these items have the warmth that will bring hygge to your home. We picked a smattering of items from kitchenware to jewelry. Each piece is a work of art alone, but combined they make an installation of beauty.

There is a lot of playfulness and a lot of peacefulness in this mix. From Betsy Bauer’s wrapped rockz to Makeda Made’s woven Celebration, we found a lot of beautiful textures. From Kent Oaks Pottery to Julie Long Gallegos, we sought hints of color that make each piece sing. And, of course, we loved the beautiful woodworker-made wonders like Ciseal’s wall hooks. We hope you love the collection as much as we do!

About Fireweed Community Woodshop

Minneapolis, Minnesota
The mission of Fireweed Community Woodshop is to empower women and non-binary folks through the art of woodcraft. Fireweed introduces women and non-binary folks to tools and techniques through classes, while providing equipment, workspace, and community to help women and non-binary flourish within the craft.