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Finally Settling In
“Two months before we knew we were in a pandemic, I left Atlanta and moved to Athens, Georgia. The business I run with my two partners, The Bitter Southerner, also relocated to Athens. Here, I've bought my first home in many years. It's in the historic Cobbham neighborhood, a stone house that (we think) is 113 years old. It's so nice to put down strong roots in a town filled with so much music, art, and creativity. I filled my collection with crafts I'd like to live with and in. To be surrounded, in this new (old) home of mine, by the artists of the American Craft Council? Well that would make my ‘settling in’ pretty perfect.”

–Kyle Tibbs Jones, co-founder and media director of The Bitter Southerner


About The Bitter Southerner and Kyle Tibbs
The Bitter Southerner is a digital publication with a single aim: to uncover the American South in all its truth and complexity—and in the process to break stereotypes about the region and its people by pushing out important, difficult, uncomfortable, irreverent, witty, addictive, and always enjoyable stories that turn myths about the South inside out.

Kyle Tibbs Jones is co-founder and media director of The Bitter Southerner. She lives in Athens, Georgia.

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