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    Good Quilts are tailor-made with warmth for body & soul. Our work is a melding of pattern, color and texture into an heirloom-quality textile that actually gets used. We use our foundation as corporate graphic designers to work directly with clients to design and create bespoke quilts for homes with a modern, artistic esthetic.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: All of our work is made-to-order. Every project starts with an interview where we discuss the project requirements (who the quilt is for, favorite colors, design esthetic, etc). We use that information to design and mock-up a quilt using Illustrator. This way, we’re able to show clients exactly what the final quilt will look like and make any design tweaks virtually. Then construction begins! Fabric is painstakingly cut and stitched back together before being finished on a longarm machine.

    A: Personally, I relish being able to work with design in a much more physical way. As a (former) digital designer, my work only existed on a computer screen. My days were spent "pushing pixels" around. Being able to touch and handle fabric and quilts, especially at such a large scale, has been a fantastic change of pace for me.

    A: Watching people’s face light up when they realize the hidden, sentimental meaning in our Family Tree Quilts is one of my favorite parts of going to shows. On the surface, the Family Tree quilts are fairly simple visually. What people don’t immediately realize is that every row in the design represents a generation of a family and each block is a person. The composition is super flexible and looks great no matter the family’s size.

    A: Quilters of Instagram are on another level. The diverse range of skillsets and tastes is phenomenal! We also are so inspired by members our the local DC Modern Quilt Guild who constantly share their amazing work and quilt knowledge. Outside of the quilting community, we look to graphic design masters such as Milton Glaser and Paul Rand. I've even been known to pull my dusty graphic design text books off the shelf when designing a new project.

    A: Quilting is unique in that it creates connections across time. The work we do was built on a 400+ year old American tradition and we were surprised to learn how ubiquitous quilting was/is. We've made connections with countless people who stop by our booth to talk about the history of quilters in their family. They treasure great-grandma's quilt handed down through the generations and often pull out their phones to show us pictures. Love of quilts, it turns out, is a great conversation starter.

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