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    I believe creativity is medicine. Formally trained with a Masters in Design, I couple traditional mastercraft with aesthetic, functional design and innovative technology. Applying the medicine of creativity to projects at the intersection of design, art, and education, I enable my students—at Stanford University and around the world—to thrive through mindful making, creativity and life prototyping. I create healing, design products, champion learning, and fashion beauty.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I draw on decades of experience channeling eons of practical wisdom, with a careful creative practice which attends to every contour, hue, and texture. Goods are born from a practice of “making meditation,” the rhythms of each fiber woven, of each stroke filed, of each knot tied, the works vibrating with the energy of the creative spark. This liminal space integrates mastercraft practice with mindfulness practice imbuing works with the same energetic intentions.

    A: Maybe it’s the sense of permanence that turns me on. I only sell items that are made to stick around—exquisite, useful stuff that begs to be worn, admired, and held on to. I source the very finest materials for their brilliance, resilience, and splendor. What results will age with grace for generations.

    A: Every piece starts with a little spark that whispers, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if…?” This tiny wonder becomes the intention that grows and blossoms as the designs take shape in my hands. All of the collections are born of healing intention, finding inspiration in nature, spiritual tradition, and everywhere in between.

    A: As a child, we used to visit the Sawdust Festival of the Arts. At this festival, artists were required to make much of their work onsite. This meant I got to watch glass being forged, metals being soldered, paints being mixed, and tapestries being woven. I was obsessed with watching the artists and craftspeople. I think it was there that my path as a maker began.

    A: My obsession with learning deeper craft has taken me on explorations around the world. Whether it was in deepening my metalwork in Florence, Italy, a fiber obsession that took me to Peru, or sharing techniques closer to home in the Zuni Southwest, I have found myself in new cultures where art and craft became our shared language, where we learned from each other and created new works that we, individually, never would have imagined.

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