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    Genevieve grew up the daughter of a high school art teacher and attended Kutztown University. She has worked in polymer clay since 2008 and shares studio space with her husband in their rural Pennsylvania home.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My main material is polymer clay and I use various tools and techniques, many borrowed from ceramics, glass, woodworking and metalworking, to manipulate this man-made, heat set clay.

    A: Polymer clay is a very approachable material - it takes texture, shape and color with ease - so I can quickly develop an idea. I also like that it allows an artist to put plastic in its proper place as a semi precious material instead of a single use material.

    A: In an effort to reduce waste in my studio I recycle all of my own polymer clay. I use un-cured clay and hardened, previously cured clay and even polymer clay dust all of which I capture and incorporate back into new pieces of jewelry.

    A: I am amazed that I find new ideas within my own old ideas. Artist often talk about being inspired - and I am inspired by coastlines, travel, relationships... but truthfully when it comes to idea generation, if I just keep mulling over and working with older designs I always find a new idea, right there were I left off.

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