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    We are Ben and Kate Gatski, self-taught artists who love using simple tools to make handmade, authentic pieces of art. We live and work on a hilltop in rural Pennsylvania. There, we handcraft sculpture and furniture with reclaimed materials (weathered steel and barn wood) and raise our three children. We established Gatski Metal in 2003.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Our designs begin as a sketch, which informs the creation of a simple cardboard pattern. This pattern is transferred to metal, by tracing it on the metal with soapstone. The metal is then cut with a hand-held plasma cutter to create the form. The shape is created by hand hammering, rolling and bending the metal. The metal is then arc welded together. Our pieces with color, are hand-painted with natural, milk paint. And finally, a clear finish is applied to the entire piece.

    A: Steel is strong, yet malleable. When shaped and formed that strength becomes lightness. The qualities of metal, are ones that we aspire to - resolute yet receptive. Our raw material, from scrap yards and assorted junk piles, gives our work the beauty that comes with serendipity.

    A: We work in collaboration, as a husband and wife team to design each one of our pieces. Together, we draw from our own creative wellsprings, having had no professional art training. Our reflects our purely unique perspectives, and often evolves massively from the sketch to the final piece. The dynamic process of creating a Gatski makes it truly a Gatski.

    A: We see beauty and inspiration in our surrounding landscape, our rural lifestyle and the reclaimed. Our home and shop sit at the top of a hill, overlooking forest and fields. We often find ourselves creating pieces based on what we can see (or can imagine) before us.

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