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  • About This Artist

    Gartner and Blade Glass is the work of Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade. Business partners since 1995 Danielle and Stephen combine their individual ideas, techniques and experiences to create original works in hand blown and sculpted glass. Their work explores their mutual fascination with the use of found objects in the rituals of primitive and contemporary cultures.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: We use traditional off hand glass blowing techniques combined with original sculpting techniques. Our process begins with molten clear glass to which we add layers of powdered glass colors building layers with additional clear glass into complex patterns. When this process is complete we form our vessels and sculptures.

    A: The challenge and focus required to bring a concept or idea into the physical reality that is a beautiful vessel or sculptural object .

    A: The unconventional process and techniques we have developed to create our work.

    A: Human beings record their history in their art and craft and this is true for all nations and civilizations. Creating objects of beauty is the common thread that connects people the world over and focuses on our sameness not our differences.

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