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    Living along the shoreline of the North Florida, I frequently comb the Atlantic coastline and wetlands in search of the objects and materials found in my jewelry. From miniature shells to fossilized sharks teeth my work is a compelling combination of the varied wetland habitats found in the southeast.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: First, I draw all of my ideas. This gives me a visual of how to proceed: what technique, color, and elements I wish to add to the piece. I will also make quick sketches of details areas that I wish to work out ahead of time, for example a complicated clasp or hinge. My jewelry is then fabricated using jeweler's hand tools. I build each piece, one at a time.

    A: I love the hands-on making practice and lose myself in the process! I frequently use feathers and shells in my work, and upon close observation of these natural elements, I constantly am reminded of my admiration for the smallest wonders of the world.

    A: I enjoy hidden compartments and frequently hand fabricate a tiny box, or locket, to hold a found shell or feather.

    A: It was a trip to Brazil over 30 years ago that really opened up my eyes to how craft in other cultures can inspire. There, in a remote island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, I saw crafted jewelry made by various tribes of Amazon Indians. Their use of feathers, seeds, and fibers were such an inspiration to me. It was their use of feathers in particular that I really focused on. I returned home, having just begun my jewelry craft career, with a emboldened sense of my craft.

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