About The Artist

Greg Fuguet • Philadelphia, PA

Fuugs is a sustainable wooden furniture company. We work to create furniture that stands out both for its radical approach to material sourcing and for the artful design that blends aesthetic and functionality. We reclaim lumber from urban trees that are saved from the waste stream, sequestering carbon to make our furniture truly carbon negative. For a decade we, owners Greg Fuguet and Kristen Snow, have honed our craft of making furniture that changes how we engage with the world.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

We mill trees at a local arboretum, dry the lumber on site. We work with the dried lumber in our studio, everything in made by hand using various tried and true woodworking techniques.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

We are passionate about making furniture that prioritizes form, function and the future. As artists we care deeply about the way our furniture looks. We design pieces that will stand out in a room. We also feel strongly that furniture should be used, comfortable, a place to find rest after a day or talk over dinner with a friend. Finally, we work with wood because it allows us to develop a relationship with our material. We are involved in the process from tree to table. We are invested in the future of our planet, and have created a way for our clients to access carbon negative furniture made by hand in our studio. We are passionate about all three of these aspects, how they intertwine and how they connect us with our clients and with the earth.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

We have the unique speciality of working with trees that are cut down in the urban canopy of Philadelphia, PA. Urban trees are often chipped, or sent to a land fill which is a great waste, and releases carbon in to the atmosphere. We save trees from this waste stream by milling them, drying them in our solar kiln, and bringing them to our studio to make into beautiful furniture. We are both trained in the fine arts so we bring a careful, studied eye to all of our pieces. Our entire collection is designed by us in our studio. We hand craft each piece of furniture from trees that we mill. We have an exceptionally transparent process, and everything we make is carbon negative.