Richard M Parrish

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  • About This Artist

    It is critical to my existence to make things with my hands, using real material. Ideas of making and meaning, investigated during my time at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, inform my professional practice working in kilnformed glass.The Tapestry pieces are inspired by repetitive rows in fields of grain and hand-woven fabrics. They are composed of linear patterns of glass strands creating intricate fiber-like textures. Patterned sheets made with glass threads are cut, layered, and kiln formed.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Bullseye glass, tested compatible for kiln forming in sheets and stringers (1mm threads). Materials are purchased directly from Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, OR. Patterned sheets made with glass threads are cut, layered, fused, cold worked and slumped.

    A: Light, color, and the transformative properties of glass.

    A: I can't imagine not going to my studio and working almost every day. I have an inexplicable drive to make almost all of the time.

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