Fred Dodson

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  • About This Artist

    In all the furniture that I design, I try to move beyond the purely functional. Using curves, textures, and subtle colors, I want to give each piece some touch of personality, even soul. I want them to become not simply objects, but almost companions. To work with wood is to feel that deep, ancient link between man and nature. To own a piece of furniture is to be reminded of just that.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use mainly solid wood--forested environmentally whenever possible. My process is, most often, to design my own pieces, then carry the design through the crafting process to final product. I also collaborate with clients, drawing their design inspirations into the process.

    A: My greatest passion is in design--carrying something on the journey from an inspired idea to a piece of furniture. Not to mention the magic of crafting with solid wood, one of nature's most beautiful, unique gifts.

    A: Honestly, each piece generates its own inspiration.

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