Francesca Vitali

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    I began my journey in the jewelry design after having already started a career as a chemist. In my vision, art and chemistry have found an intersection point in the alchemy of paper jewelry. In ancient times, alchemists have been ambitiously trying to convert common matter into gold. Sharing this grand aspiration, I strive to transform paper, a humble and ordinary material, into precious objects.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use paper to create jewelry. The paper is either recycled from many different sources (estate sales, friends donation, travels, just to name few) or bought from a paper miller company based in upstate NY (Mohawk).

    A: Paper is an amazing material! It has so many great qualities but if I have to name two they would be the amazing vibrant range of colors and the durability, which often is overlooked, as most of us would think of paper as a delicate media, but paper is everything but fragile! Ok, I have to add one more characteristic that keeps me excited about this material, and it is the history that each piece of paper carries with it, this makes my work always interesting, evolving and add a emotional connection to the work that is pretty unique!

    A: My inspiration derives by geometry. I love to combine simple lines and shapes to make my wearable objects and people around me. I love to design imagining the special person that will eventually find the piece and give it a forever home, but it is also not uncommon that my design is informed by my materials. Most recently though I have realized that my work is also a reaction of the events around us. As a maker a way to express my emotional state is through making, but this side of my motivation has always been unprompted and I find myself coming to realize this only now after this past year where I saw how making helped me overcome all the changes that have been thrown at us during this challenging times.

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