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  • About This Artist

    I am an interdisciplinary artist, currently focusing my work on broom making at the intersection of traditional craft and contemporary design. I explore the life of raw materials and the processes that bring those items to a state of service in our current culture, with eyes open to the social, economic, and environmental impacts of that journey. I aim to connect people, bring joy, and encourage curiosity in the material world while inspiring everyone to take a few moments to sweep more.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use wood, ceramics, cordage, and broomcorn. I source natural and local materials whenever possible, including working with local farmers to grow broomcorn.

    A: Because a broom is a ubiquitous, functional object, people have a sense of familiarity and – sometimes – dismissiveness toward it. But a broom is an object open to material and design interpretation, while still remaining identifiable as a broom. In broom making, the agricultural skills of growing broom corn can be married with the arts of weaving, natural dyeing, wood working, and ceramics. I aim to explore history, culture, function, beauty, and connection through broom making.

    A: Good music, time outside, the fantastic work the community of makers of all types are creating, and the knowledge that many homes will be beautified and tidied with my brooms. Connecting with each other and the natural world in big and small ways.

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