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  • About This Artist

    Fanny Penny is a clay and fiber artist based in Ojai, CA. Her current body of work is a series of stoneware chains and large wall sculptures combining fiber and clay. She works primarily with sculptural stoneware, hemp, and linen. As a self taught artist, she fuels her creativity through learning. She is inspired by nature, mindfulness concepts, and her children. She works in her outdoor home studio with her husband and two daughters who are also passionate artists focused on craft.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Coffee, classical music, a very supportive partner, babysitters, and wine.

    A: Clay is a material that I can be free with. I don’t take it too seriously. This is essential for my creativity. If it weren’t for clay, I may have given up on being an artist years ago. Fiber, on the other hand, I take more seriously. From sourcing the material to the processes I employ. Working in this way keeps my creative mind balanced and helps me maintain my passion for both materials.

    A: In some of my work, I use a combination of tufting and rya techniques to create fiber elements. The rya technique, in particular, is very time-consuming but so rewarding. It's gentle on the mind, the space, and the body. It's meditative in its repetitive nature. Some might find the process to be boring and repetitive, but I find it relaxing. This is what I would consider unexpected about my work and myself; that I rely on the processes I employ in my work to help relax my mind and body.

    A: Book: The World of Edena, Moebius; Album: The Sensual World, Kate Bush; Place: the desert

    A: There’s a world of knowledge in every craft artist. When we work, make, teach, share, and exchange we are keeping traditions and cultures alive, strengthening our minds, hearts, and hands, and maintaining our connection to each other and material.

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