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  • About This Artist

    Esther Kang is a ceramic artist based in Cumming, Georgia. She received her BFA from Georgia State University. She loves to throw clay on the potter’s wheel, exploring the nuances of the perfect form, quirks and all. Her goal is to make pieces that celebrate our everyday lives and help us enjoy the moments they’re in use. From her hand to yours. Her offering, to your ritual.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: All of my pieces are handmade, thrown on a potters wheel and made with stoneware. The pieces go through several firing processes before being completed.

    A: Clay is an exciting material and it never stops teaching me new things. It's versatility lends itself to so many applications; throwing on the wheel is just what drew me in and what I do best with it. The longer you have a relationship with clay, the more your intuition grows with it, making it fun and easy to be around, just like a good relationship with a person.

    A: There is a great attention to detail with every piece, every piece is carefully crafted and feels great in hand.

    A: The medium of clay favors community. A busy ceramics studio offers something for everyone. Plenty of supplies and materials. Tools and glazes to share. Inspiration for beginners: students shelves, lined with wares to aspire to. Classes that transcend language, where an Asian grandmother doesn't need to know English to take a class and play with dirt. It's innate in all of us and we can share it through just being together and setting aside the time to do it.

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