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    I design and knit fully-fashioned, one-of-a-kind and small batch clothing with virtually zero waste. Each piece is handcrafted on a hand-powered knitting machine using quality yarns made from natural fibers. Some pieces also include hand-embroidery and painting, offering an additional layer of intimacy and tenderness to the wearer. I believe craft has the power to connect us to each other and our surroundings with empathy and compassion.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: All works are original designs made using a hand-powered knitting machine. I always use high-quality natural materials: merino wool, linen, bamboo. Sometimes I paint and embroider on the pieces after they’ve been knit. Other times I knit yardage, paint on the knitted yardage, unravel it, rewind it into spools of hand-painted yarn, and then combine the hand-painted yarn with other yarns to knit unique garments.

    A: I am particularly interested in notions of intimacy, tenderness, and connection. I love working with wearable textiles because they live so close to the body, offering both warmth and softness. My painted and embroidered garments strive to evoke feelings of impermanence and the wonder of being here. They reference transient phenomena observed in nature: water, fire, shifting light, atmospheric mists.

    A: I have another fully developed body of work consisting of hand-embroidered and beaded paintings. I exhibit these in galleries, while I tend to frequent craft shows with my wearable knits. Both live side by side on my website, but people who meet me in one context are often surprised to discover my other side. Whenever someone enters my craft show booth and says with amazement, "Wow, you make all this?!? How do find the time?" I smile, politely nod, and think "If they only knew..."

    A: Craft schools (particularly Peters Valley and Arrowmont) have greatly shaped my artistic path. I graduated from art school with a lot of uncertainty. Through my experiences at craft schools I've met a community of people who demonstrate that there are a million possible ways to pursue a successful, happy, creative life.

    A: Life is full of unexpected delights and inexplicable sorrows…visceral sensations that reason cannot touch, and words cannot explain. Being human, simply existing, is an extremely complicated thing to do. I think craft has the capacity to connect people across great divides. It can remind us of our shared humanity and make us feel less alone. When we surround ourselves with craft, we take care. We slow. We consider.

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