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  • About This Artist

    Erin Wilson makes quilts rooted in hand-dyed color, architectural imagery, and intricate piecing. A self-taught textile artist, she has developed a method of small-scale patchwork both precise and improvisational. She's had solo exhibitions at KOFU in NYC, Art Quilt Gallery NYC and International Quilt Week Yokohama in Japan. In addition to quiltmaking, Erin has worked in theatrical puppet design/fabrication and makes custom softgoods for interior designers. She lives in New York City.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My primary materials are simple: fabric, batting, thread. Except for a body of work using vintage textiles, I start with plain white cotton, which I hand-dye to create a broad color palette. I dye small quantities, mixing colors by intuition and doing a 4-5 step gradation from dark to light of each hue. I select the colors for a piece, put these fabrics in a pile next to my sewing machine, and begin. I make small units that either stand alone or accumulate into a grid. Line drawings and photographs help me organize my thoughts but mostly, I design and sew simultaneously, stitching fabric together into tiny patchwork compositions.

    A: I was born into a world of fabric. My mother is also a textile artist and was teaching me to sew from the beginning. It’s been so natural I almost don’t think of it as a choice. Quilts are a combination of color, graphic imagery, and the softness of fabric. I find great satisfaction in puzzling all the pieces together.

    A: On the deepest level, it’s no different than it’s ever been. I want a handmade life built on creativity. Being a maker is my favorite, most fulfilling way to connect with the world. This is the goal that fuels me.

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