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    I am a hand-weaver making both fine woven wearables and texturally saturated wall pieces. All of my work focuses on the interaction of vibrant colors to create striking statement pieces. The vast array of materials in my work allows me to create pieces that are immersed in texture, creating both a visual and tactile exploration for the viewer. My hope is to provide an escape for the viewers and wearers of my work from a world full of political, environmental, and religious calamity.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each item is handwoven, either on a floor loom for the fine woven wearables or on a tapestry loom for the wall hangings. For ties and bow-ties I take my fine wovens and hand cut and then sew them.

    A: I am a highly tactile person, constantly running my hands across different textile items while walking around stores. I love that when making wall hangings, I can gather so many different materials that I get to touch while making, but also create such a fluffy tactile piece at the end for others to enjoy as well!

    A: I am not sure how unique it is, but it does often make me question how "artistic" I really am; I do not often work from a conceptual place. I am generally more driven by color and texture than a portrayal of some worldly concept. During the pandemic this changed a little and I did create a couple very conceptual pieces, and it was really exciting! I look forward to exploring this more, but I still love just creating aesthetically pleasing pieces.

    A: I have found that some of my closets relationships have evolved from peer collaborations. Even my very connection to textiles as a medium instinctively draws from my grandmother, who inspired me to start quilting at a young age. And working at Peters Valley School of Craft has allowed me to watch people form this large network across mediums on a daily basis who inspire each other to create. It is beautiful to me how something handmade can carry so much more than the function it serves.

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