Eri Sugimoto

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  • About This Artist

    Eri Sugimoto is a pottery artist based in CA. She was born in Japan. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and her Master of Design degree in Industrial Design and worked as an industrial designer in Japan. She met the world of clay and started with hand-building pottery at a studio while working as an industrial designer. Moved to the United States in 2005, and started to learn wheel throwing in 2006. Since then, she has been enjoying exploring and challenging her creativity.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is functional pottery which is mainly thrown on a wheel. The works are made from clay produced by the company in California. I create the pattern on each piece by hand-cutting paper, then laying it out so as to be unique and dynamic using the body of the piece as a canvas. After I applied slip on it the pattern is peeled off. The work is carefully cleaned again and again before firing.

    A: I am always seeking the infinite variety of combinations of clay and slip that will make the pattern look as beautiful as possible and pursuing to make two-dimensional patterns look three-dimensional through placement of the design on the organic curve.

    A: Enjoying my life, eating and sleeping well.

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