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    My focus is to create jewelry that is clean, modern, and versatile. Using silver, I seek and build balanced compositions of line and negative space. Limiting my color palette, and my obsession for smooth, clean surfaces, requires me to hone in on basic metalsmithing skills. I work out of my studio in Maine and am also deeply involved with the Maine Crafts Association. I believe it's important to promote and keep craft traditions thriving in a time when humans need connection and community.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use sterling and argentium silver to create my work using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I purchase my materials from a company in Arizona and often recycle and reuse my scraps to create new pieces.

    A: This medium constantly keeps my hands and sense of design challenged in the best way! I believe these challenges help me to grow. It's exciting to for me to hone in on simple metalsmithing techniques to create complex, but minimally elegant pieces for the modern day jewelry wearer. I also love to wear the pieces myself!

    A: I'm especially nourished by my craft during this pandemic. It allows me to tune in to my work and tune out of challenging news. For that I'm extremely grateful and lucky to have found such an outlet. I also enjoy staying connected to my customers and love hearing how my jewelry can brighten their days. It means the world to me to be supported by real people who appreciated handcrafted items!

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