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    I make fine knit accessories - hats, studded scarves, ponchos and fingerless gloves. I find the best materials I can, because they're worth it and they last, and make the work by hand where I live because it's better for the work and better for my neighborhood. I love to mix yarns, to play with colors and patterns, and to make them all explode a little bit with some sparkle and gleam. Cashmere gives beauty, warmth and durability; Swarovski crystals activate the surface, adding depth and motion.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I get my cashmere yarn by the kilo from an incredible fine ill in Scotland, my Swarovski Crystals from Austria, and I design, knit and embellish in my Santa Fe studio.

    A: I love everything about the process of creating Textiles. I have a formal education from the Textile department at RISD, but have spent the last 23 years with a full time studio practice of knitting and embellishing.

    A: It is something that is part of me that I need to create in order to feel whole.

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