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    Ellie Wyeth’s illustrations and paintings have appeared in many publications, galleries and exhibitions since the ’80’s. Her art education background included humorous art, botanical illustration, still life and landscape. Her medium includes gouache, acrylic and oil paint. Her original, unique floorcloths and handcrafted limited edition placemats are exhibited at selective shows including the ACC and Paradise City Arts Festival. She has a continued growing list of clients for custom work. Her designs continue to reflect what inspires her most, color, texture, flora and fauna.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each floorcloth is made from durable canvas cut to size and primed with gesso. The corners are mitered and glued, the edges are secured with heavy duty carpet tape. The background and border are coated with three layers of latex house paint. The decorative design is acrylic paint and when completed, the entire surface is coated with layers of latex polyurethane. Finally, non-skid padding is adhered to the back. The sizes and shapes of the floorcloths depend on the subject and design.

    A: I am passionate about painting with acrylic paint on large pieces of canvas because of the nature of floorcloths, which are functional but can be decorative and sometimes fanciful. This allows me the freedom to paint a wide variety of subjects, whether it be classic still life, landscape, graphic design, flora and fauna.

    A: Since I began to paint floorcloths, I have discovered that my customers are delighted to have something decoratively unique, fun and useful in their home. Many of my custom orders involve family pets, which always pleases everyone.

    A: What delights me are the moments when I realize I am fulfilling a dream I had when I was a small child, to be an illustrator, with subjects of my own choosing, using my unique and distinctively developed style, finding my own “line” and finding that what people love in my work is that which is closest to my heart.

    A: I am inspired by many children’s book illustrators, outsider artists, and American Folk artists.

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