Ellen Mears Kennedy

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  • About This Artist

    My work as an artist found a home in paper-making. In my Bethesda, Maryland studio I blend recycled cotton and abaca. Using centuries-old paper-making techniques each piece of paper is handmade. The subtle gradations of color originate directly from the pulp itself. Each dip into the vat of pulp is a moment distinct to itself, each color unique. The artwork represents a transformation over time, manifested in color, created from separate parts that together become a celebration of the whole.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Abaca fiber and recycled cotton are processed in a Hollander beater to create pulp that is then pigmented, made into long strips, air dried, folded, and cut, attached to backing.

    A: Making each piece of paper is immediate, repetitive and yet changing like a meditation mantra.

    A: My friends in the art community

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