Ella Calas

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  • About This Artist

    Ella Calas is a contemporary jewelry maker based in metro Detroit. In her work she uses traditional methods of fabrication while keeping a contemporary aesthetic inspired by architectural structure. The majority of her pieces are powder coated brass that is layered with different colors and textures. Craft and handmade objects are so important to our daily lives because they represent each maker's individual visual language. Thoughtfully made objects bring joy to our everyday experiences.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I usually start with brass or argentium silver sheet metal and wire for my pieces. I try to use recycled metals whenever it's possible. I fabricate each piece individually and add a powder coated finish. I enjoy layering the colors and removing some of the coating to add linear patterns. Finally, I apply a flat clear coating to seal the exposed metal areas.

    A: I'm passionate about working with metal because of how tedious the process can be and the many ways you can experiment with the material. I really enjoy working on a small scale and creating wearable pieces for everyday.

    A: Recently, I've been adding pattern to my powder coated pieces by using a jewelers saw and various tools to carve into the coating and expose the base metal. I usually make my pieces in brass, so there ends up being a golden pattern that contrasts with the color of the coating.

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