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    With my current group of work I enjoy creating minimal jewelry for everyday while experimenting with the process of powder coating brass. I have been exploring layering different colors and carving away some of the coating to expose the brass base layer. These gentle brass linear patterns are reminiscent of golden threads. I feel that by exposing the base metal and adding these delicate embellishments to each piece individually adds an element of preciousness to an inexpensive material.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Currently, I fabricate the majority of my pieces from brass. I start with sheet metal, wire or tubing and hand cut out my pieces or use a stamping die for a few of them. I powder coat my pieces to add color and pattern as well as to create a more durable finish.

    A: I really enjoy combining some traditional and more current processes together. For me, there is something really satisfying about hand cutting and forming my pieces while using a more contemporary finish. By powder coating the pieces my goal is to create something that will last a long time and is also affordable. Experimenting with powder coating has opened up more opportunities for me to experiment and treat each piece almost like a little drawing or painting.

    A: I use a variety of different tools to carve into the surface of my pieces. Mainly, I use small burs or my jeweler's saw to cut into the surface and remove some of the powder coating. In a way, I feel like this allows me to incorporate drawing into my jewelry making process. Creatively, I'm excited by how many ways I can explore adding patterns. Finally, I use a matte clear powder coating to seal the exposed brass areas.

    A: I'm often inspired by many mid century craftspeople and designers. Someone that has inspired me the most over the years is Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. I think her pieces are timeless and her forms are stunning. I have so much admiration for the work she created and I am also amazed at what she accomplished in her career.

    A: Craft gives us the opportunity to celebrate many different things, like an appreciation of knowledge, materials, concept and craftsmanship. We are able to celebrate traditional processes that have been used for many years, while also being influenced by what is going on in our world today. I think there is such a special openness to sharing your personal process and learning from others. I have been so fortunate to know many craftspeople in my community that are so willing to help others.

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