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    I am a self taught artist who traveled to many places growing up and finally settled in Colorado. I have spent my time enjoying the magnificent views of the Rockies, taking in the rich, vibrant culture of the Southwest. I've always loved putting things together to evoke an idea, opinion or just to be whimsical.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Using found and formed objects, I put together little vignettes of life. My main materials are low fire clay, resin, organic materials, paint, glaze and an assortment of objects I have collected for the past few decades. Then using techniques I have learned over the years, I start placing them together. The end result is to give the viewer a bit of whimsy in an otherwise tough world we find ourselves in these days.

    A: I love the freedom that being a mixed media artist gives me. I can be working with clay one day and resin the next. I get to manipulate things in my world to express a thought.

    A: That there is something relatable for everyone.

    A: It is in everything step of the process. It's a feeling inside that when I get it right, I get a special feeling that I've done something right and necessary.

    A:My grandmother is my inspiration. She gave me the drive to never say shoulda, woulda, coulda. It is so important to recognize the opportunities afforded us in life and to take them.

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