Elaine Hyde

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  • About This Artist

    My pieces are a combination of glass and metal. The glass is mouth-blown and hot formed using a base glass containing silver. Metal elements are sterling silver and gold with insets of gemstones and glass. I strive to create a combination that is unique and distinctive. All glass and metal pieces are made by myself creating a total unified small scale sculpture. I have been working in glass for over five decades and is still fascinated by the endless qualities and possibilities.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I work with blown glass utilizing the hot free-form technique. My pieces are iridized giving them an iridescent sheen. I also work with cast and fabricated silver and gold. All of my creations are made entirely by myself.

    A: I started blowing glass as a teenager and have continued making objects for decades. I am still constantly intrigued by the possibilities of the molten material.

    A: During the Covid lockdown I had time to make pieces I had been thinking about, but lacked the opportunity to complete. I must keep making something, it defines me.

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