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    A: I razor cut threads from 24k gold and torch fuse them, one-by-one, over silver in a multitude to create compositions of weightlessness and movement.

    A: Moving metal, whether it be by a fraction of a millimeter with tweezers or at a large scale with hammer and anvil, is pure joy. Jewelry and metalsmithing as an art engages both my creative and technical sides of my mind, as well as my physicality. I am wholly and peacefully engaged in the complexity of it all.

    A: I fuse each thread with fine tweezers and a 1" flame from a micro torch under 2.75X magnification.

    A: Reading about Jackson Pollock seeing his paintings as record of his physical motions allowed me to value my process early in my practice. I committed and used the process itself as a discipline to continue showing up for no matter what the outcome.

    A: I worked as a corporate jewelry designer for many years before opening my studio in 2014. Global sourcing opened doors in the international jewelry industry where I met many artisans and designers, who like me, had a passion for creativity. Though we did not share the same verbal language, we could clearly communicate our mutual respect with huge grins while relishing new drawings, gasping over gorgeous hand crafted models, and gratefully nodding to clever solutions to a shared creative vision

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