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    I design and build contemporary hardwood furniture and sculpture both speculatively and by commission. Using a combination of traditional hand tools and modern machinery in my coastal Maine studio, I shape and join components into pieces that are distinctive in appearance and in the case of my furniture--highly functional. I feel very fortunate to have found my way making meaningful and lasting objects and engaging with a community who shares an appreciation of quality and the creative process.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: I use all species of hardwoods and veneers -- foreign and domestic-- though I prefer domestic woods, especially walnut. I have my "go to" mills where I get the majority of my top quality lumber. My process begins with sketching ideas, then refining them with more accurate scale drawings. Often I make quick scale models, too -- also partial mock-ups to evaluate details in full scale. With a fair amount of confidence in what it is I'm building, I begin cutting wood, but I leave myself some latitude to make alterations to the design as I construct it. I often have at least a couple pieces going at once and bounce back and forth between them to allow myself time to process decisions on one piece while moving ahead with another.

    A: Though my main passion is for creating distinctive designs, the true excitement comes when I begin cutting and shaping the wood to start bringing the designs to life. The beauty of the grain's movement brings the shapes alive and breathes life into a design that is being realized for the first time

    A: Currently, I am inspired by some down time. That is, I've been working on less creative, functional commissions that make me very excited to do something totally new and different when I get them completed. Its all craft, but there's a necessary ebb and flow, at least for me, of the passion and inspiration that is needed for truly exciting works to come about. Sometimes this is at least partly about economic necessity. Either way, during these "down" times I sketch widely and let ideas incubate, waiting for the opportunity

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