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  • About This Artist

    Dongyi Wu is a contemporary jewelry artist based in San Antonio, TX. She has exhibited her works nationally and internationally, where she received several awards. Dongyi creates works with her unique and expressive language while making them wearable and well crafted. Her colorful and quirky works are inspired by ideas she receives from literature books, her experiences, and researches of psychology. Her recent series are mainly made of fabric and silver, which are lightweight and easy to wear.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: For the two series of works, I focus on impression on streets, and transfer the quick images into jewelry works that can be worn. "Passerby" series aims to capture the moments I observe people who walk next to me on streets. "Keyring" series as the extension series of "Passerby" shifts the focal point from people to everyday carrying objects-Keyrings. I reshape the impression into wearable art that are fashionable and lightweight. The works are finished by hand stitching, soldering, and weaving.

    A: Except for fabric, I work with wide range of materials, such as plastic, rubber, and also found objects. Every time before I start my project, I do researches to find the materials that can fit my concept and bring fresh experiences to my customers. For example, the impression of keyrings is used to be heavy and cold. But I transform them into lightweight wearable artworks with soft fabric.

    A: I let free imagination and inspiration guide me in designing the object to wear. I liken myself as a storyteller, who narrates stories through original and beautiful art. Moreover, I fascinate playing with different kinds of materials and giving them special texture, tactile, and new meaning in the process of creation, which makes my works unique and refreshing.

    A: I have found lots of inspiration from movies, fashion magazines, literature books, jewelry or visual artists, and places. The idea of the two collections “passerby” and “keyrings” also comes from a place I visited-New York City, a busy city crowded with different kinds of people. A variety of colors on people’s clothes and accessories, rich and vivid expressions on their faces, and their physical mannerisms drew my attention, and inspired me to make these fresh and exciting wearable works.

    A: As an artist with a different cultural background, I find craft creates stronger bonds between people across cultures. I am now based in San Antonio, where is heavily influenced by Mexican American culture. After I moved here and connected to the craft community, I have a deeper understanding of the culture, which is much more vivid than texts in books or websites. I believe craft can be considered a visual language that doesn’t need to be translated, building bridges among different cultures.

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