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    Evy Edelman’s inspiration for jewelry comes from a lifetime of travel to Europe and Asia. Her passion for Byzantine and Asian art is reflected in many of her exotic gold designs and is achieved using the ancient technique of granulation.

    Featuring high karat gold, silver and genuine precious stones of rare form, clarity and color, Evy creates unique handcrafted and high quality precious jewelry that is truly one of kind. Her unique talent was recently celebrated with an AGTA Spectrum Honorable Mention award in the bridal category.

    Evy resides in New York City and Long Island with her husband Bob. Her designs can be seen in galleries and personal collections throughout the world.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: The Bee video shows the process of creating a golden bee form alloying pure gold, mixing in copper and silver and heating to molten to make the 22k gold needed to fuse the shapes, wire and granules on to the 22k gold sheet in order to create the bee. This is the process I go through each time I want to create an original granulated design.

    A: When I first saw the beautiful glow of molten gold and the flow of solder, I was hooked. I alloy my gold using a special mixture to achieve 22k gold, which I then make into sheet, wire, and granules to be used in my creations. Even though the technic is ancient, I think of my granulation as a modern interpretation because my designs are not traditional. I call my granulation “golden embroidery”.

    A: The gemstones I use in my creations speak to me in their own language and convey to me the best way to showcase their natural beauty. I then create a design in gold or silver that captures the innate beauty of the stone in a unique design. I also work in silver because it allows me the freedom to explore a different technique.

    A: I find wonder in unexpected places. Whether it is walking through a museum, exploring new destinations in my travels, or observing nature in all of its extraordinary forms, I begin to see materials, colors and textures take shape in my mind and I am eager to capture them in a new and delightful creation.

    A: My mother inspired me to create beautiful jewelry. She was classically trained in Germany before the war and emigrated to the United States in 1934, becoming one of the first female jewelers to work on 47th Street. Though she retired before I was born, my mother was always interested in the arts and beauty, passing on that artistic talent and creativity to her children. Unfortunately, we never created jewelry together, but you could say jewelry making is in my DNA.

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