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    Born and raised in Brooklyn New York I was interested in jewelry early on. As a teenager in the 60’s I was making macramé rings in silver. My Grandmother’s ring was seen by Cartier jeweler, Aldo Cippullo (creator of the “screw bracelet”) who commissioned work from me. I continued my studies at the Boston Museum of fine Arts, specializing in ancient techniques and granulation. Moving to Santa Fe, NM in 1989 has been my home. My color palette is representative of the desert of New Mexico.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: When beginning a piece, I start with pure 24k gold, alloy it to the perfect hue and texture of 22k. I use a hand turned rolling mill to make sheet metal. I use assorted draw plates to make wire. For a chain, I might wrap the wire around a drill bit, cut the coil, fuse each link closed, connect them and repeat. It is a very meditative process. Fusing and granulation is a seamless connector for high karat gold, a process without the addition of solder.

    A: Through my travels, I have witness how gold is revered by so many different cultures. It is a symbol of wealth, wisdom and success. It enlightens, inspires and uplifts. I love being a part of that. High Karat gold is very pure, warm and soothing. I use recycled gold in all of my work. I use only conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones My work is a blend of the ancient techniques of granulation, fusion and chain making with classic and contemporary designs.

    A: I am actually a minimalist. Always looking to pare down my designs to just what is essential. It seems odd as we are talking about decorative pieces. I believe my jewelry is to be an accessory, but not to surpass the woman who is wearing it.

    A: When I am making a piece there is always room for change. If I start to wonder, should it be this way or another, when I am finished, I will try it again the other way! and that is how my work always evolves.

    A: I am fortunate to say that it would be by mother. A very accomplished business woman. A great eye for design, whether interior or fashion. a very kind and thoughtful person. She always encouraged me to be who I wanted, wear what I wanted, which was pretty frightening as I look back on some photos!

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