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    Denisa originally from Slovakia, studied goldsmithing with a focus on traditional jewelry techniques for four years. She supplemented her skill with an additional BA Honours degree in 3Ddesign in Scotland. There she experimented with wide range of jewelry-atypical materials-acrylics, porcelain and wood. After graduating with a firstclass degree, she moved to Zanzibar, Tanzania and worked as a jewelry tutor and designer for a women empowerment project. Denisa is currently living in Washington DC.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A:  In my work, I apply organic forms and shapes to inorganic materials to become body adornments. My most recent body of work is inspired by the shapes of seaweed washed ashore. By using the combination of colorful acrylics with precious metals I want to question whether it is materials, craftsmanship, or design that makes jewelry precious. I use this contrast as an instrument to stimulate the wearer or viewer to ponder how jewelry derives its value

    A: Challenging the notions of value , tradition , and perception in jewelry by using low cost materials.

    A: The excitement and exploration of new, unconventional materials, their possible transformation and metamorphosis into something new, unexpected…

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