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    Denisa, originally from Slovakia, studied goldsmithing with a focus on traditional jewelry techniques for four years. She acquired additional BA Honours degree in 3Ddesign in Scotland. After graduating, she moved to Tanzania and worked as a jewelry tutor and designer for a women empowerment project. Her Seaweed collection is created from colorful acrylic and sterling silver, inspired by tranquil beaches of Zanzibar. All pieces are part of small and limited production produced in Washington DC.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My submitted collection is inspired by the shapes of seaweed washed and dried ashore. I combined colorful acrylics with oxidized or brushed sterling silver and 18K yellow gold in some pieces. The acrylics have undergone an extensive transformation process through hand cutting, polishing and heat forming, which was concluded with riveting it to a complementary piece in silver or gold.

    A: Even though the pieces are fabricated of precious and non-precious materials, it is the distinctive design and craftsmanship that make the wearer and observer shift the attention to the inexpensive acrylic and recognize it as precious. This allows me to question whether it is materials, craftsmanship or design that makes jewelry precious. I use this contrast as an instrument to stimulate the wearer or viewer to ponder about from where jewelry derives its value.

    A: With my work I aim to question the concept of preciousness and value in jewelry. I try to challenge these notions through the material choice in my creative practice. I make a conscious decision to choose unconventional materials for jewelry such as acrylics and combine them with traditional precious metals and precious/semiprecious stones. This combination allows me to explore new possibilities in design and experiment with applying traditional jewelry techniques to an unfamiliar terrain.

    A: I always try and walk in the nature, preferably in the forest. The peacefulness and simplicity of life there helps me to quiet my busy mind so I can fill it up with new ideas once I'm ready to emerge back into civilization.

    A: I have worked for two years in Zanzibar/Tanzania in the local environment with a group of women on a project to improve their handcrafts and basic jewelry skills. I was trained as goldsmith and to me making jewelry always provided a creative universe and escape from day to day routines. In contrast, for the women the skill had provided livelihood, community, belonging, and purpose. It was a fascinating journey and there were many instances when I felt that I was learning much more from them.

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