Deneece Harrell Sculptural Porcelain (Studio DH)


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  • About This Artist

    Sculptural porcelain and gilt create an analogical conversation of beauty, renewal, surprise, and joy. The torn unglazed surface hosts self-reflections and gold leaf challenges questions of value. Kintsugi reinterpreted expands the cultural conversation, reflecting the value of broken places and restoration. Capturing movement and juxtaposing the tension of fragility and strength, exploring surfaces, documenting experiences of loss and pain interwoven with inexpressible joy and fulfilment.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Creating evolves intuitively, manipulated from inner dialogue. The clay is thrown, rotated, marred, smoothed, stretched, torn; creating individual sections reminds me of experiences. The work becomes a document of reflection and hope as the construction begins. Limits of clay, anticipated movement during vitrification intrigues me, forces me to allow for situations outside of my control; interested in openings, cracks, the edge of collapse juxtaposed with solid connections, spontaneous freedom.

    A: Porcelain, intrinsically beautiful, clean, white surface; self-glazes into a soft matte retaining subtle marks and impressions in a skin-like nature. When fired it approaches an almost liquid state, creating potential movement. Setting up opportunities for expansions, fissuring, working on the edge of the unexpected and danger of collapse fascinates me. Torn, fragmented gold leaf is adhered to the interior, proprietary composite gold applied in kintsugi vocabulary speaking of value and healing.

    A: My work is a subtle analogical dialogue told through porcelain which invites reflection on our own experiences. We want to hide our mis-shaped pieces afraid of not being loved if seen, but they build us. Drawn to beauty, found inside, fissures, healing, exposed raw-torn edges, the unexpected. A dialogue of process, reminding us we are loved, we have purpose, we have a story to be remembered. A story told of being transformed, renewed, becoming our connection with joy, hope and our future.

    A: The word play evokes dynamic energy, anticipation, and movement. Energy generated through creating tension of space and movement of organic forms. The creative process and manipulation of clay brings with it a curious exploration and enjoyment explored in porcelain and emphasized gold leaf and contemporary Kintsugi vocabulary.

    A: People of faith and personal exploration of persons of the Trinity; the mysteries of the unknown in juxtaposition of revelations, both historical and contemporary drive questions. Questions of identity, worth, value and purpose which are explored in conversation of porcelain, building, and layering on each other through time.

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