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    DEEP BLACK was born out of a desire to create a brand that reflects my aesthetic sensibilities and ethos. Buying uniquely crafted pottery from diverse artisans should be an accessible choice for everyone. I help you discover new goods for your life and home that are well-made, long-lasting, and created with intention. This brand is about helping people cultivate a modern, luxe aesthetic. Even more importantly, it’s about encouraging collaboration between artisans of color.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Like all ceramics, my work begins as raw clay from the earth that's refined to bring out certain features. I believe the look and character of the clay itself is as important as the form. I enjoy the dynamicity of wheel-throwing. You can't beat the energy and feeling of forming a lump of clay into a beautiful big vase or planter. The glaze I apply is well-considered before I even sit down to make the piece. What results is a beautifully slow-made combination of clay, form, glaze, and function.

    A: My favorite thing about working with clay is what a chameleon it is. Ceramics are all around you — vases, planters, plates, bowls, display pedestals, flooring, utensils, and even the glass on your phone fall within this discipline. It's also democratic; all styles, all skill levels, all ideas are accommodated and celebrated. Lastly, I love that this craft is as old as humanity itself. And that after I'm long gone, my work will still exist. Clay has a legacy that far exceeds human memory.

    A: I didn't expect to find so many ways to manipulate clay. The universe of what clay can do and become and look like grows every time I get on Instagram. Every day I learn a new technique and way of making. This has lead me to evolve my style tremendously. I like to experiment with the design language of forms. What does a planter look like, reinterpreted? What else can be done to a mug? What can be taken away? These are questions that inform my process of creation.

    A: Of course Instagram is a great resource. There are soooo many talented artists, potters and otherwise, that it's hard not to get inspired every time I pick up my phone. I look to artists who challenge the conventions of a things. I like to see when people break commonly-held rules about how a thing should look and act. I also draw inspiration from history. I enjoy the complexity ancient artists expressed without our modern technology.

    A: I helped to found one of the only collectives of Black ceramicists — Black artists are dramatically underrepresented not only in the art world at large but in the field of ceramics. Slavery has robbed us of our ancestry and kinship. As a result, many of us are divorced from the oldest ceramics-making practices in human history. Kaabo Clay Collective seeks to unite Black potters across the diaspora so that we may share in the joy of this ancient craft together.

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