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    David Urso's highly sophisticated handcrafted jewelry is a visual feast of color, form and surface characterized by sensual organic shapes and a painterly use of hand tinted resins applied in solids and patterns. The resulting color range is vibrant, earthy, and beautifully textured.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    I use as many recycled products as possible. Metal, left over chunks of semi precious stone, different organic herbs and paint pigments. The metal housing of the form of the jewelry is handmade from sheet and wire and then cast into multiples. These materials are then inlaid into a clear resin which incapsulates and maintains the color and texture.

    My work is also influenced by my other passion as a florist and co-owner of a flower gift shop, Green Cottage in High Falls, NY.

    Many, some of which are painters, Gustav Klimpt, Hilma af Klimt, Paul Klee, American quilts, and anything antiquity.

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